T6 2000 – Get Your Ultra Bright Tac Light!

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t6 2000 nowT6 2000 – An Ultra Efficient Flashlight from UltraFire

With the battery strength and unparalleled quality of performance by UltraFire products, you can definitely rely on the T6 2000 for all your emergency needs. Another great thing about this flashlight is that it costs significantly less than other flashlights with the same or at least close to its features. Many satisfied users of this flashlight boast about the strength and sturdiness that keeps it protected even after falling from a very high place. Such accidents can happen and it is nice to know that you can still count on it to function well even when it falls and even when you expect it to break!

The Power of T6 2000 LED Flashlight!

It has the power to cover your back just when you need it most. Its light beam is 500 Lumens which is nearly as powerful as that of a vehicle’s headlight. However, even with a light this strong, you can still count on its batteries to last longer than on your conventional flashlights. The great news is that it has protected batteries so you do not have to worry about the batteries exploding. This is great since if you have to worry about it exploding, then it beats its purpose which is to give you peace of mind because it will take care of you when you need it.

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How long is the Battery Life of T6 2000?

Its battery life depends on the mode of the lighting that you use. Therefore, it is very important to use the most appropriate lighting mode in any given situation. This means that you will be able to conserve battery or maximize its use to serve its purpose perfectly.

  •  High – When you use the flashlight in high power, the battery can last up to seven hours.
  •  Medium – When in medium lighting mode, the battery can last up to nine hours.
  •  Low – In the lowest power mode, the flashlight can last up to fifteen hours.
  •  Stroboscopic – With blinking or flashing light, it can last for up to eleven hours.
  •  SOS – When in emergency mode, this flashlight can last for up to almost fifteen hours.

Why is the T6 2000 the best choice?

It is the best flashlight choice because of its features, durability, and reliability.

  •  Relatively affordable compared to other flashlights which have the same features
  •  Longer battery life compared to other conventional flashlights
  •  With only a single button for controls, you do not have to consult a manual whenever you need to activate a particular feature and it prevents confusion
  •  It is waterproof so you do not have to worry even if it gets wet
  •  It looks sleek

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Order your T6 2000 Military Flashlight Below!

It is a stylish technology that can save lives. In such tools to use during emergencies, be sure not to spare any expense. Choose the best one available in the market because the lives that you will save with it are priceless. Never settle for less where people’s safety is concerned. Get T6 2000 for yourself and for your loved ones!

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